9×9 Rug Square Shaped

9x9 Rug Outdoor

9×9 Rug – One of its main uses is to define an area within a larger one, especially nowadays that the tendency is to bet on open spaces. The carpets are used to group, define the uses, that is, if all the sofa, armchair, coffee table rest is on a carpet. Be careful with the doors, you should always check that they can be opened without bumping.

Repeat the shape of the room usually looks good, if it is 9×9 rug square because square and if it is rectangular then rectangular. If we acquire a handmade rug we should know that its size can vary in 0,5 cm of width or length with respect to the sample. One too small would seem lost and one too big imprisoned. Depending on the different areas, we give you some guidelines so you can deduce what size you need. Try that the size of the carpet is in proportion to that of the table, knowing that the chairs that are around should be inside the carpet also when we remove them.

Carpets made of polypropylene or synthetic wool will, therefore, be adequate. If your dining room table is round, a round rug will be more aesthetic. Same logic for a square or rectangular table. The carpet can be rectangular at the end of the bed or on the side, square 9×9 rug in the center of the room for its playing space or round to give pep to the room.

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