Beautiful French Country Cottage

Wonderful French Country Cottage

French country cottage – It is easy to give your French cottage style by using the colors found in the houses of French countryside people. These colors tend to be brave and assume the character of the French countryside. Find the colors of the French country style in the French countryside. The inhabitants of the French country are very attached to their land, and bring their love for the countryside in their homes. French rural style tends to employ intense colors and earth, such as yellow gold, red, brown, green and deep blue.

Golden yellow comes from sunflowers. Intense red comes from the terracotta pots found in french country cottage gardens and from the bricks often used in the architecture of French country houses. Dark green takes its location from trees and olive groves, and deep blue or purple comes from lavender fields.

While daring colors are favored in french country cottage style, they are often balanced by being used together with muted neutrals of grays and light browns. For example, a room with brown-gray walls and a white wooden floor would be a good backdrop for rich textile tones, furniture and decorative objects placed along it. Decoration with textiles in colors of the French house is a good way to lend your house that bold, French style of the country.