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Beneficial Whiskey Barrel Table

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Whiskey barrel table can be something vintage, rustic and pretty. Actually it is a kind of DIY project of making table from used whiskey barrel. We know that in Europe or America which has 4 seasons, winter is always identical with whiskey. It warmth your body and be a friend during your intimate conversation. The idea of using whiskey barrel is so brilliant after all. Although it looks old and rustic, it is almost possible for any purposes.

Whiskey barrel table for decorative room

You probably never imagine that whiskey barrel can be turned into beautiful and gorgeous table for complementing fireplace. You will agree that it is the best place of having wine near your fireplace with catchy classic and rustic whiskey barrel table with sleek polish. It also ends up in beauty for small table in your living room.

Make it useful for kitchen

Whiskey barrel can be formed into kitchen table with countertop. Install sleek countertop like marbles or granite and you can get swooning at all. How this fabulous thing comes to your kitchen? Put it at the centre of your kitchen. It can be such kind of such kind of simple focal point that can steal everyone’s attention.