Blue Gray Paint Colors: Ideal for Small Space

Apply Blue Gray Paint Colors

Blue gray paint colors – What color did the house paint?  It is also important to think what feeling you want to transmit in space. Colors cause different effects on the mood of people: cool tones such as blue and gray will convey a feeling of relaxation and serenity. Warm colors, reds, yellows and oranges, will multiply the energy and the vibrant character of an environment.

Thus, the blue gray paint colors tones, due to their calm and tranquil essence, are ideal for bedrooms and bathrooms. Do I choose the wall paint according to the space? Yes. Depending on the dimensions of the space you should choose one color or another.  Reserve darker colors for environments with a certain width and luminosity or use them to paint just one wall and thus achieve a focus of attention.

In small spaces it is better to use light tones that multiply the sensation of amplitude, see white, light blue gray paint colors, green, pink or pale gray. Take into account the natural and artificial light of a space before choosing the final color. If you are going to paint a very bright room, dare with darker tones. If your space lacks natural light, it is preferable that you choose lighter colors.

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