Blue Quartz Countertops: Cheaper For Your Pocket

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Choosing a kitchen countertop can be a complicated job. The possibilities are many. Leaving aside less conventional materials, perhaps the big stars are granite and blue quartz countertops. Do you want to know a little more about them? We give you the keys to choose one or the other. The price can be an inconvenience if you are looking for something economic, since granite is more expensive than synthetic stones. Now, the international granite, because the national granite itself can be cheaper for your pocket.

A really versatile material that can be seen in other uses easily, such as, for example, by covering exterior walls; and those blue quartz countertops has a great hardness, thanks to its slow solidification and the great pressure of this process, standing out as an ideal option for both inside our home and outside it. Granite does not spoil with scratches and, in addition, is able to withstand high temperatures without deterioration.

Taking into account its use in the kitchen, where we cook daily with high temperatures, is something to consider. it is true that there is a great variety of blue quartz countertops finishes, and that no stone is the same, but as far as colors are concerned, being a natural material, it does not have as much chromatic range as other materials.