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Cheapest place to buy carpet – On the contrary, if you enjoy Icelandic delights, this may be a stressful night at night when you carefully read the restaurant and look for high prices on the menu. Even the fast food option is about 2-3 times the price at home. Popular places for the ‘Stag’ and ‘Hen’ night tours, such as Amsterdam and Ireland, are now hit by prices by Eastern European destinations, such as Prague. Famous Bean like Guinness around Euro 4.00 in Dublin. In France, the average price is over 30% cheaper for canned beer and 35% for bottled beer than in the UK. Spain and Portugal also have local beers and wines for a very reasonable price. However, to make the best savings you need for a longer trip, in Goa one pint of beer is only 50p.

Again, from Europe cheapest place to buy carpet the price is very reasonable with the average meal in Tunisia which costs only about £ 4, 3.50 pounds in Goa, a three-course party in Morocco at around £ 10 and in Cuba you will expect to pay around £ 13. Eastern Europe also offers a cheap bite with a three-course meal with an average cost of just about £ 9 (with a bottle of wine!) Spain, Greece, and Portugal tend to fall between £ 9 – £ 13 for a sensible meal. There is also a bonus eating in the ‘al fresco’ sunshine as well, a nice change from the UK where we struggle to find the weather decent enough for the summer barbeque. Iceland and Venice are destinations that are likely to require a vacation loan for food and drink.

The markets in Africa are full of bargains, as long as you are ready to bargain start with the half price bid requested and you will be surprised how much you can save. Eastern Europe has a lot of great deals, especially in antiques and lace. Carpets and carpets in Turkey are cheap goods (choose hand-woven or knitted) best value can be found in remote villages, rather than in major tourist areas cheapest place to buy carpet. The US is a great place to buy designer jeans and coaches, but bottled water is 3 times more expensive than in other countries.

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