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Nursery Rugs – Decorating your child’s room is probably the most fun DIY project you have ever done. The choice of nursery rugs out there is huge – pink hearts, flowers, butterflies for girls; racing cars, trucks, soccer fields for boys, whatever your taste or budget there are so many designs on offer.

Many manufacturers currently use acrylic or other types of artificial fibers to reduce production costs. While there is nothing wrong with that for some types of carpet, such as your hallway runner or your kitchen carpet, you should really try to avoid using anything but natural ingredients in your child nursery rugs. Here are some facts about wool nursery rugs:

Nursery rugs must be safe – mostly acrylic rugs and all fireproof wool rugs. This, however, is achieved in a completely different way. Wool is a naturally safe ingredient. When capturing the light it will not support it and will not melt. Acrylic rugs are sprayed with chemical solutions to achieve the same results and any chemicals can cause allergies. Wool nursery rugs will provide extra cushioning for your floor. This is very useful when your child learns to walk. They will also provide noise reduction – think of all the toys thrown or dropped on the floor.


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