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Classic and Modern Designs for Distressed Dining Table

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Distressed dining table is much need by you as dining table in the kitchen or dining room. Distressed table has unique design and shape. This kind of table also made of certain materials such as oak wood, rattan, or ceramic. As any others dining table, it consists of one big table and four chairs. There are many designs provided by furniture gallery. It is started from classic design until unique designs with various models. Its price is also various based on its design and material used.

Modern design of distressed dining table

Modern design for distressed table can be found in many galleries. Modern design gives luxury looks and glamour. It is also completed with very comfortable chairs that are equipped with comfortable bolster. So it is very precious dining table for you to have.


Classic Design of dining table

A classic design usually use wood as main material for this dining table with various designs and motives. As many others dining table, it is consist of one big table with six or five chairs. When you want to choose distressed table, you need to consider about your kitchen room design. So you will only choose the suitable table. There is also classic table which is made by rattan.