Diy Checkered Rug Ordinary Types

Black And White Checkered Rug Runner

Checkered Rug – Today I deviate a little from the drawing to show you my latest creation, the concept is very simple! It’s a lot of pompons. First, you need a bench or a table that has feet. Here I use 3 whole balls to make about 20 pompoms. The larger the pompom, the more you need to wrap wool, so that it is very thick! In short, then comes the passage a little boring. You have to wrap the wool around your feet like a big skein.

Do not hesitate to stretch the wool, without stretching it too much. Once you’re done, use a thread and tie a knot around each half with a good squeeze. Use a strong, thick wire preferably. You can also take embroidery thread or wool that you have kept rab. The spacing checkered rug between the nodes corresponds to the diameter of the finished pompon. Here I chose 6 cm.

To cut well in the center, do it twice. A last little comb and we equalize for perfect pompoms. Once we have all our pompoms, we can hang them on the support. Just make a double knot tight. Arrange them loose or aligned to vary the patterns. Here I chose to make a random checkered rug with 4 colors, red, orange, brown, ecru and multicolored pompoms made with the remains of wool.