Ideal Entryway Mirror With Hooks And Shelf

2017 Entryway Mirror With Hooks And Shelf

Entryway mirror with hooks and shelf – despite being a millenary philosophy, there are many people who have not even heard of it. We refer to Feng Shui , Chinese discipline that we have talked about in Furniture Boom on occasion, as it is getting more adepts in the West. As we have already explained, its objective is to promote the harmony and good circulation of energy in the different environments of the house, through the arrangement of furniture, colors, materials and other factors that, according to Eastern beliefs, influence everyday life.

In this sense, the entrance of a house is a very important area, as it is a transition area between Yang Street (noises, people, movement) and another Ying space (home, privacy, tranquility). Upon entering you can perceive details that transmit certain sensations, favoring that we feel comfortable or restless. And it is that according to Feng Shui, the way we have this space reflects our empathy. Our attitude towards others and towards ourselves.

This millennial philosophy also recommends that the hall be a well-lit. Warm and pleasant place for energy to come in neatly and make us feel comfortable. Therefore, it is best to have a welcome area with a piece of furniture, entryway mirror with hooks and shelf or a coat rack to place personal belongings such as a wallet, keys, coat … Of course, it is important not to interrupt the passage.

You should also keep in mind that Feng Shui recommends that we remove the shoes at the entrance. As it is believe that this way we can free ourselves of daily problems. And tensions and do not introduce them into the home. That’s why it’s not a bad idea to have a shoemaker in the hall. Finally, you should take into account other Feng Shui recommendations. Such as put a mat at the entrance, light colors for the walls of this room, the door key and the doorbell should work properly. And the area should be properly lit, clean and in order.

What Feng Shui does recommend is the use of entryway mirror with hooks and shelf. Although it is important that it be as a frame. And never facing the entrance door so that the energy input is not reject. Instead, you can place them on the sides. The console module with two drawers and frame-mirror with keychain holder is ideal for placing in the entrance. In addition, the modules can be in lacquered colors: red, burgundy, white, black, pistachio and orange.