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European Antique Console Table Designs

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Antique console table is one of furniture that will make your living or guest room nicer. It is one of rare furniture. Usually it is just made in limited amount. Therefore, the priced is high enough. This antique table made by full of art. You can see it the table surface or in the table feet. There is a crafts with various motives and shape. It is also has beautiful color. In Europe, this table is very well known and there is limited producer that produce it.


European design of antique console table

Europe has many antique table producers for console table. It is spread in some countries such as French, Dutch, Italy, and some others country. Each of them has its own characteristic. It is depends on art taste that prevail in the countries. Such as in Dutch, there is antique table for console table that has shaped half of circle with three thin table feet. Each part of this table has a crafts with bright brown color. It is so beautiful.


Art in antique table

Art always make any furniture beautiful and has good looks. Antique table is one of them. Its function may be common or same with another table. But art make this table more valuable than the other types of table.