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Clear plastic panels ceilings are hard plastic, resistant, lightweight, durable, simple to mold and dye in hundreds of colors, which can be manipulated for different environments of industry and home. If the intention is to cover surfaces while maintaining the lighting, this material is recommended for its properties and infinite advantages.  The use of polycarbonate sheets for ceilings has increased over other thermoplastics, due to their peculiarities and the benefits they offer such as durability and great mechanical resistance.

The polycarbonate is a material whose main characteristic is to provide a list of properties that contribute to the business of any company locks, roofing, greenhouses and covered machines, among many others.  This polymer is mainly used to make fixed or mobile clear plastic panels or roofs. On the other hand, added to the properties of polycarbonate as an element.

it is interesting to note that this material is chosen for ceilings due to the low weight of its plates and how simple it is to work with its structure. For this reason, it is possible to extend the freedom in the designs since it can be added to the desired terminations. In addition, the clear plastic panels can be perforated and closed (the sheets can be folded in cold).

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