The Size of a Hallway Closet

Popular Hallway Closet Ideas

Hallway closet – There are many types of wardrobes in your home and everyone has specific uses. Nevertheless, the hall closet is used for several different reasons. If you design a new home, or add wardrobe space to an existing home. And have a good idea about basic wardrobe sizes helping. The typical hallway closet is used to store bedclothes, towels and other useful items such as sun protection or first aid supplies. It is usually placed near the bathroom. This wardrobe is usually about 3 meters wide, has a 30-inch doorway and is as long as the ceiling of the surrounding room. It can be as deep as three meters too, depending on the available space. Usually the wardrobe is built into the walls of the hallway and it takes up some walking space inside the hall.

First floor hall cabinet, if your hall closet is on the first floor, it can used to store living space. Which is less than objects such as towels and blankets. The corridor wardrobe in this case will still be 3 meters wide. But it is not as deep as the typical hall closet on the second floor near the bedrooms. A first floor hallway closet maybe only 2 feet deep or as shallow as 1 foot. There is plenty of room for storing detergents, dishcloths and other useful items.

A hallway closet or wardrobe is another wardrobe usually installed in a hall. These wardrobes have standard dimensions common throughout most homes. The typical fur wardrobe is usually 3 to 4 feet wide and has a hanging rod that stands at least 65 inches from the floor. This provides space for hanging coats and jackets, which are longer than usual garments. A good rule of thumb for adjusting the width of your hall coat closet is that each layer takes up about 4 inches of space on the clothes rack.

The size of a hallway closet, pantry and storage closets are usually found in the corridors. Everyone has a few different uses and thus different measurements. A pantry closet is usually 32-36 inches wide and it’s about 1 foot deep. This depth is ideal for storing preserves, small appliances and kitchen utensils. Storage wardrobes are usually larger than 36 inches wide and sometimes 3 to 4 feet deep. This allows plenty of shelf space for larger items while shelving accessible. Storage wardrobes usually have a 36-inch full doorway, pantry closets have a 28 “to 32” full door opening, depending on their overall size.

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