Perfect Hallway Decor Ideas

Contemporary Hallway Decor Ideas

Hallway decor ideas – The corridor is one of the most complicated places when it comes to decorating the home. Due in almost all cases to its narrowness and its consideration as a mere place of passage. Despite that, there are many solutions and today we show you how to decorate corridors to be simple and elegant. Then you can choose the style of that decoration. Although many modern houses have a hallway it is less corridor due to the loss of square meters involved in this space. Of course, there is no doubt that the lounges of the old houses have an incredible charm, especially when they are well decorated.

Although ours is modern and the corridor is not spacious and with lots of natural light as in the houses of yesteryear. It is usually one of the first stays that visits a visit and is essential to make a good impression when decorating a hallway. Lighting is crucial in the hallway decor ideas. The most common solution is the photos embedded in the ceiling or some appliques. But depending on the height of the ceiling. You can play with lamps or even with hanging sets of appliques at different levels if the aisle is the beginning or end of a ladder.

The paint should preferably be in light colors except that the hallway enjoys a large entrance of natural light. Then you can afford to paint them in dark tones. Or you can decorate the strip hallway decor ideas with bold and colorful wallpaper. To give you joy and reflect the light. The carpets also look divine in the hallways. They must have an inverse proportion to their length. If you are going to decorate a long hallway, shorten it visually by putting several carpets. If it is short, put a single carpet, narrower than the aisle. And you will see how it stretches.

If the corridor is very narrow, you can install a large mirror. A classic solution that does not stop helping us in the decoration of small spaces. Furniture or other heavy items look better in the hallway if they are low. The compositions of paintings, photos or plates are another solution that does not stop taking effect if you look for the best location. The functionality of the spaces is key. Having a small place to sit is perfect. Maybe there are other areas of the home more suitable but this really looks wonderful.