How to Hang Mexican Rug

Mexican rug are versatile pieces that can be used to cover floors or used as wallpapers to decorate your space. When hanging someone carpet on the wall, be sure to keep the carpet and prevent rubbing and tears. You also want to secure the carpet against the wall without damaging the wall. Carpets are heavy and will pull nails and pins from the wall, creating holes in the plaster.


Turn the carpet and place it flat on the floor. Cut out the Velcro straps and pin them to the top of the mat with straight pins. Sew the Velcro strap to the Mexican rug in a straight line over the back. Use 2-inch Velcro strap to give the most support for the weight of the carpet. Choose a thread that almost matches the color of the carpet. Sew Velcro on the back of the carpet. Do not go all the way through the carpet. Going only halfway through prevents the seam from being viewed from the front.

Trim a piece of wood to the same size as Velcro strap. Trim the wood with a hand saw. Attach Velcro strap to the wood piece with mounting adhesive. Allow the glue to dry. Find the rules in the wall where you will hang the carpet. Tap the wall easily. An area with a stud is stuck. Areas without stud sound hollow. Nail trolls on the wall where you find a stud. Hang the Mexican rug on the wall by connecting the Velcro straps.

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