Luxury Marble Countertops Prices

Kitchen Marble Countertops Prices

There are many options in the market, but those that accumulate more fans, are: granite countertops, followed by synthetic marble countertops prices or Silestone, and finally, wooden countertops. It is a stone formed by quartz, feldspar and mica. Its solidification in the earth is a slow and natural process. Therefore, it is very resistant and each piece is unique. Hence, granite is one of the preferred materials for kitchen countertops. In addition, its quality-price-durability ratio is optimal. It is not one of the cheapest materials, but one of the most advantageous.

Also known as silestone, marble countertops prices is formed by crystallized quartz to which resins and other components are added to achieve different finishes. The main virtues of quartz are hardness and resistance to acids. Converted into synthetic marble, it offers an extra smooth surface, very durable and available in a wide range of colors.

Despite its aesthetic and antibacterial qualities, marble countertops prices is the most fragile option exposed in this article. The wood is soft and porous; therefore, it has a lower resistance to stains, bumps and scratches. That does not mean that it is a disposable option for your countertop: they are very cheap, and if you take the proper precautions, it will remain intact. In addition, it can be sanded and varnished periodically to renew its appearance.