Mid Century Modern Entryway Ideas

Mid Century Modern Entryway Concept

The mid century modern entryway interior features very clean lines, solid colors and straight angles. Buying new mid-century modern couches can completely change the look of your home. Alternatively, tweak the look of couches that you currently have to more resemble mid-century modern sofas. Choose options based on your budget and how much time you have to make the change.


Replace your sofa legs with mid century modern entryway legs. These legs are often made of wood and are tapered. Some are skewed outwards. Reupholster the sofa with a solid color or choose a single-colored furniture cover. Choose usually the middle of the century modern colors like bright red, orange, yellow or more subdued but still the middle of the century modern such as gray or beige. Tuft the couch to give it a more middle of the century modern appeal. Button tufting helps the sofa have a more modern and geometric look.

Tips and warnings

Do not try to make your sofa look more mid century modern entryway if the couch is a completely different style, such as romantic or traditional. Sofas with many bent or slanted edges are more difficult to convert into a mid-century modern style without serious sofa reconstruction. Replacing a worn couch is expensive and time consuming. If your sofa looks old and worn, or if you just want a new look in the living room, drape the couch with an interesting weave or two. There are a number of ways to drape a couch, throwing a bedspread over it all and then snap it around the pillows for a cut-and-fit treatment that requires pressing under any seams.

Measure the couch with a tape measure backwards and forwards at the center, beginning at the bottom of the couch, bending into the curves and ending at the bottom of the other side. Add two shorter widths to this number and 12 inches extra for chop. Measure the length of the sofa seat from arm to arm and add two lower widths. This is the width of my “wrap” piece. Measure the arms from the side of the sofa seat and arm, over the arm to the bottom of the couch. Add a hem width and 12 inches for tuck in. You must have two of these pieces. Measure the entire couch by adding the front to the back center measurement to the length – measure from the bottom of an arm, up and over the arm, over the seat and across the opposite arm to the couch edge.