Mirrored Foyer Table Ideas

Mirrored Foyer Table Awesome

Mirrored foyer table is a type of hardwood home in Southeast Asia, and is used in furniture design. Like all the furniture, the finishing touches on a teak dining table will be worn over time. Painting the table is a fairly low cost, uncomplicated project that can restore luster in your dining table, making it the centerpiece of your dining room set this year.


Move the mirrored foyer table to a work area that is well ventilated and has plenty of light. Place a drop cloth under the table. Clean the table with a detergent to remove any old wax or polish so that you can get to the old finish easier. Scale of old coating, using a slab. Continue grinding the table until the wood looks new, without any signs of weathering. One can also use a chemical stripping agent. Generally, you will apply a liberal amount of stripper to the surface of the table and wait to soften the old finish.  Scrape the old end with a plastic scraper with rounded corners, and then wipe the table down with a strip of laundry to clean any leftovers. Grind the surface down to clean wood with a grinding block, and then wipe the mirrored foyer table with a tack cloth to remove any debris. Apply teak oil to a dry cloth and start covering the wood one section of the table at a time, applying teak oil until the entire table is covered.

Tips and warnings

Wear goggles and gloves when grinding or using a stripping agent. Work in a well-ventilated area if using a chemical stripping agent. Mirrored foyer table is a popular and sustainable alternative for indoor and outdoor use. If left in the open air, the wood produces an attractive silver-gray surface that is easy to maintain. Other homeowners prefer to preserve the golden color of new teak furniture, and this requires regular treatment with teak oil. Furniture of teak can last for many years, and you may want to refinish pieces that show signs of wear. For example, a teak coffee table can be painted to remove dirt and stain so it looks like new.

Teak must be clean and dry before applying teak oil, Try to sand the teak surface evenly. Differences in grinding indicate the final finish. Use small pieces of fine sandpaper to reach small, narrow spaces in the coffee table. You can apply teak oil with a brush or a cloth. Mirrored foyer table provides UV protection for the wood surface. Wipe excess oil off the wood before getting gummy. If it becomes tacky, add more oil and rub to thin it. Use teak oil in a well-ventilated area and use respiratory protection. Bird watching can color teak quickly. Take spillage from the surface immediately to prevent stains.