Modern Kitchen Backsplash Tile

Stainless Modern Kitchen Backsplash

Modern kitchen backsplash – If you are considering adding a tray of backsplash to your kitchen, planning out the kind of pattern you are going to use in advance will save time and headache later.

Keep It Simple

If it’s the first time you’ve ever installed tiles, keep it simple by sticking with a basic tile design, like the grid or brick pattern. Create a modern kitchen backsplash pattern using a dark and light tile. Mix look up by turning tiles on their points to create a diamond look. If you want to add color to your wall, but do not want to be too complicated, add a pattern outline. Use decorative tiles to create a contour along the edge of a window, at the edge of the worktop or bottom of your cabinet.

Go Random

For a more modern look, go randomly and skip the typical patterns. Create a grid, diamond or brick pattern and then place a random tray in another color of the same size and type sporadically throughout your design. Use a bold blue or red for an eye-catching look. Use multiple tiles in different colors to create a colorful rainbow on your modern kitchen backsplash. If the typical tile pattern is not for you, border your backsplash. Add trays that you would normally have in a typical grid or grid pattern. Then install an edge of tiles in a different color or other color family.