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Multifunctional Lift Coffee Table with Storages

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Lift coffee table comes with great designs and functionalities. A room definitely will look more beautiful when you decorate it with some furniture and decorations in nice design. Then, coffee table is one of furniture that you can use to furnish your living room. This coffee table that is designed with lifted top. So, you can lift the table top and use it for some purpose. The space under the top can be used as storages. Moreover, there are a lot of designs for this coffee table in various materials, sizes, colors, and functions.

Lift Coffee Table Design Ideas

You can choose table design from any materials that can be fit to the room décor. Wooden material is mostly chosen because it can blend to any room décor. Solid wood with simple designs and clean cutting line might be nice for modern living room. It can be combined with the top that is made of glass for airy look. Then, you also can choose the style of lifted top like the whole part of table or just a half of it. The coffee table is commonly designed with low height, so the lifted top can turn it into your working desk since it can be lifted to higher level. It will ease you to work with laptop on it.

Storage Designs for Lift Table

The lifted table top also can be used for the functional lid of the storage beneath. The storage is a kind of drawer with the lifted lid. You can store some stuffs there like magazines, books, newspaper, disks, TV remote and many more. Beside the storage under the top, the table also can be designed with shelf or drawers under the table for extra storages. This multifunctional table might be really great for the room with small space, because you only need this table for some functions.