Decorating Round Foyer Table

Great Round Foyer Table

Round foyer table – Before entering the kitchen, dining, living or family room, guests have to go through the entrance. Make the entrance functional and organized, but also elegant and cozy by adding an entry table to the lobby. An entry table is the perfect place for keys, notes, loose and electronic coins and provides a well-lit entrance and greater security upon entering the lobby, especially at night. Since they form the first impressions of your house when your guests enter the door, they do not want your table to be brought back in and be overcrowded. Place the table in a convenient location, close but not blocking the door. Depending on your entrance area, center the table in the lobby area, under lights or on the other side of the door.

Round foyer table will have more space than a square table, so make sure you have room for a round table. A round table can add visual interest to square the rooms. Hang a mirror on the wall behind the table. Make your entrance look bigger with a mirror. He chose a framed mirror with a play or contrasting wood tone or metal frame. Mimic the round table with a round mirror. Add lighting with a lamp on the table or hang a chandelier or wall sconces. The lighting of your entrance will create a safe space and illuminate the decorated surface. If placing a lamp on the round foyer table, opted for a lamp that is at least half the height of that of the table. For greater drama, place a lamp of the same height as the table.

Place the lamp to one side of the mirror so it does not block the center, but what you can still see in the mirror. Hang the overhead lighting, like a chandelier, directly on the table or hang wall sconces on each side of the mirror. Hire a professional electrician to install any of these options. Add decorative accessories that will serve double function. A decorative glass container will serve as decoration and a support for keys and change. Use a small rectangular silver tray for the mail. Protect the top of the table with a runner tablecloth or table. Use nature for inspiration and change with each season. Create a warm, welcoming and functional entry with these suggestions. However, for the elongated rooms the rectangular tables are perfect, as they make much more space and offer more for less.