Small Foyer Lighting For Camping

Small Foyer Lighting Design

Small foyer lighting is available in a variety of shapes and sizes. The lights can be utilitarian or they can protect the camping area from insects. Customize your camping with decorative lights and you will find it easier to find your tent or caravan in the dark. Decorative lamps can reflect your special interests and personality. Hanging small foyer lighting create atmosphere and offer a nice, attenuated lighting system for campers and tents. The lamps can be purchased in whimsical constructions such as flamingos, mermaids and animals. Fishermen may prefer a string of lights with bass, boats or miniature fishing rods. Lamps can also be purchased in a retro camper or lantern theme. A string of light usually contains about 10 lamps, so several strings may be required to decorate a specific area.

Citronella flashlights

Small foyer lighting lanterns make nice decorative lamps while providing protection against mosquitoes and other insects. The torches can be refilled with citronella fuel. You want to be careful when using these close little children and pets. Make sure the torches are a safe distance from small fingers and that the children do not inhale the vapors. If you prefer portable small foyer lighting for camping, consider using lanterns. Battery-powered lamps are available in many different sizes and can be hung on the hooks above doorways, placed on lighting tables when playing games or transported from place to place. Oil lamps can present a safety hazard when used around small children or pets. Be sure to place them in safe places away from curious fingers or nervous pets.

If you want a candle that provides security, decoration and functionality, the sun’s light can be the perfect solution. You can buy a single candle that will go on the table, a string of torch-style lights that go down into the ground and light up a hiking trail or portable sunlight that can be done with you. These lights illuminate the tent, camper and patio and can keep their charge all night long. A good combination of decorative small foyer lighting allows you to look at the night while providing safety at the workplace. A well-lit camping site can help prevent accidents that stumble in the dark or drive hidden objects. The lights will also keep curious animals away.


When using decorative small foyer lighting, be considerate of your neighbors. Strong light can be very annoying when campers decide to retire for the night. Also, be careful when using light in environmental situations. For example, the turtle-hatching season may be affected by the use of certain types of lamps. If you are camping on a beach, make sure to learn what types of lights are allowed so the baby turtles are not confused when heading to the ocean. Study the area you are camping in learning the concerns about that location.