Smart French Farmhouse Decor

Creative French Farmhouse Decor

French farmhouse decor is blends well with other popular design trends such as shabby chic, modern bohemian, rustic, Mediterranean and Spanish hacienda. A French country palette must involve old white and blue. Blue may be as light as cornflower or as intense as cobalt, and aged white is preferably distressed and matte and not bright. French country also integrates yellow sun, dark red and pale lavender as accent tones.

Beautiful looking floors in natural wood tones french farmhouse decor. Textiles are predominantly of the colorless, worn variety and may include flowers, paisley or fleur de lis. Avoid furniture and finishes that are too coordinated. The look of the French country tries to effortlessly combine beautifully designed pieces, like a chintz sofa vanished next to a vintage cream coffee table.

Comfort is key in the decoration of the french farmhouse decor. Cushions, blankets, quilts, blankets, quilts and upholstered armchairs provide soft landings for family and friends. Try a flowered love seat on an antique Oriental rug or a faded blue piece of furniture stacked with cobalt and khaki glass vases plates.In the bedroom, a wrought-iron bed frame looks beautiful dressed in a sheer white canopy and covered with a patchwork quilt. In the kitchen, keep fruits, flowers, wine and herbs on screen with open shelves, painted corner niches and ceramic bowls.